DirecTV Now to add HBO, raise prices by $10 a month, report says


DirecTV Now customers could soon be paying $10 more per month, but they’ll get HBO with the streaming TV service. 

AT&T is swapping its current DirecTV Now packages with two new ones, Cord Cutters News reported last week. They’ll reportedly be called DirecTV Now Plus, which will have more than 40 channels for $50 a month, and DirecTV Now Max, which will have more than 50 channels for $70 a month. HBO will be added to both packages, according to the story. 

Current DirecTV Now customers, who now get 65+ channels for $40, can reportedly keep the packages they have now, but will also start paying $10 more per month. If you unsubscribe, you likely won’t be able to resubscribe to the previous DirecTV Now packages. 


Subscribers will get emails about the $10 price hike on March 12, and their bills will go up the following month, according to Cord Cutters News. 

AT&T didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.