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Courtois' happiest derby that saw him run up the Bernabeu pi
[Image: 15381246077404.jpg]

Thibaut Courtois will experience sbobet online 24 the Madrid derby from the other side for the first time if as expected Julen Lopetegui picks him to face Atletico Madrid, having played nine times for Diego Simeone in the fixture where he experienced what was probably his worst experience on a pitch and also one of his best.Obviously one was the Champions League final in Lisbon and the other was where the Belgian, aged only 21, won the Copa del Rey in 2013, in the final match of the Jose Mourinho era 2-1 with goals from Diego Costa and Joao Miranda.After that game he left an unforgettable sbobet online 24 image, running from his end to the fondo sur of the Bernabeu to celebrate with the Atletico fans. He knelt down and burst into tears having got his first trophy with Atletico with the league triumh coming the following year, and was lifted up by Adrian and trainer Carlos Manendez.

[Image: 15380790323108.jpg]

Now he could barely be further removed from that moment as he will turn up on Saturday at the same stadium but wearing the opposition shirt. sbobet online 24 
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